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I'm Senator-elect Brittany Pettersen representing SD22. I am reaching out to you today because you have a big decision to make on who is going to take over for your current State Senator, Daniel Kagan.

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I’m no stranger to tough campaigns. My Senate race this year was one of the key seats that Democrats won in order to recapture the majority from the obstructionists who played Trump-style politics for the last 4 years. Their one-seat majority blocked progress on equal pay for equal work, paid family and medical leave, responsible regulations on oil and gas, retirement security, funding public schools - you name it. If there was a policy that would have helped regular people, they killed it in committee. Now, with both the House and Senate in Democratic hands, as well as Governor Polis, we’re going to be able to get all of those priorities done, plus so much more.

But our progress will stall once again, and could even be reversed if we lose Senate District 26 in November of 2020. I know it seems crazy to start thinking about the next election so soon after the last one, but the big special interests who spent millions against me and my colleagues who took the senate from the GOP will spend even more, get even nastier, and stretch the truth even further to try and stop a progressive agenda from making its way through the State Capitol. 

That’s where you come in. On Saturday you have a chance to elect someone who walks the walk. That’s why I’m endorsing Jeff Bridges in the vacancy committee to be the next State Senator from Arapahoe County. Jeff was the key player in a move last session to secure an additional $50 million in permanent, ongoing public school funding. He co-sponsored the Colorado Secure Savings Act with me, making it easier for Coloradans to save their own money through their careers so that they can retire with security and dignity, and save taxpayer dollars down the line. And he always, always stands up for our right to choose, access to reproductive healthcare, and safe, legal abortion. I could go on, Jeff’s list of accomplishments in his two years representing Arapahoe County families in the state legislature.

Senate District 26 is going to be the most competitive seat in the entire state next year. That’s why we need someone with serious tenacity, a proven, progressive track record, and a winning campaign formula. Jeff’s proven that he’s got all that and more, and that’s why he’s earned my respect, my friendship, and my endorsement to be the next Senator from Senate District 26. Join me in supporting Jeff so we can keep Senate District 26 blue in 2020 too!

Brittany Pettersen
State Senator-elect, District 22