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Protecting the Colorado We Love


We live in the greatest state with the best people—the kind who'll smile and wave at a complete stranger. We believe in the frontier values of opportunity, independence, and responsibility. We want courage in our leaders, and results from our elected officials.

Here's what I've accomplished over the last two years as your State Representative:

  • I fought and won for our kids, parents, and teachers with over $1 billion in new funding for our public schools.

  • I co-sponsored a historic bipartisan transportation plan to invest billions in our roads, bridges, and transit—without raising taxes.

  • I led the fight for more renewable energy, which creates good-paying jobs and a healthier environment for everyone.

And there's more to do. We need to bring down the cost of healthcare, housing, and higher education. We need to create more innovative public schools that prepare our kids for the challenges of the next century. And yes, we need to do even more to fight traffic.

My wife AnnMarie and I both grew up in Colorado. Our parents, friends, and family still live here. Over the last two years it's been a privilege and an honor to serve as your Representative in the Colorado State House. I would deeply appreciate your support this next election. Let's continue what we've started.

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Find out where Jeff stands on the most important issues, including the economy, education, transportation, renewable energy, healthcare, and more.

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Jeff is a homegrown Coloradan who understands our concerns because he grew up here. Get to know Jeff—his background, his supporters, and his values.

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Endorsed by John Hickenlooper, Ken Salazar, Crisanta Duran, Michael Bennet, Jared Polis, and many others.

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